Friday, 7 November 2014

Cold snap coat plans

It's cold this week!
In a typically British fashion, all London bloggers are writing on this theme. Really it's to be expected - it's November, after all! - but we had a mild week or two recently.  The sudden onslaught of frosty air and hazy outside breath comes as a harsher, crueller shock - especially to us city-dwellers. Now it's well and truly coat weather.

I've mulled over the thought of making a coat for several years. This winter, I've decided to bite the bullet and go for it!  I've never owned a true winter coat before: one that's buttoned and belted, heavy on the shoulders; lined, pocketed, and 100% wool. I've had a 1930s coat silhouette in my head for a while, with the crazy fur collar and shoulder emphasis married with slim legged silhouette; but want to mix this with a more 1940s, full skirted look. As usual I look for inspiration in various sources; here are some ideas I've had kicking around. All photos are from my Pinterest board

Start at the top, look to Hollywood

When in doubt, make a reference to Marlene Dietrich. The full sleeve and high collar framing the face is so typical of the 1930s; but though I love the collar, I'm aiming for a straight sleeve coat for practicality. 

Love the collar, and the simplicity of her cap!

Such a perfectly tailored coat. I'll probably use this silhouette but lose the rushing details. The fur trim on the hem could be an option.

It has to be Fur
Perfection. Maybe I'll make this as a two-piece in the future as well.

More perfection, and oh so drag!

This 40s coat is a great demonstration of how an A line coat could look with a full collar and trims on the sleeves and skirt.

Just dreamy. I'm not making this silhouette though as I want something more obviously waisted. I'm also staying away from silk velvet!

Strong Shoulders, Full Skirts

Gorgeous image. I do want to make the coat from an exciting fabric - not black or navy! Fur + checks might be a bit too much though.

I imagine that this is a fur stole worn over the top. I love the belt detail but would probably go for a removable belt.

Just gorgeous lapels and use of trim.

I'd like a collar that stands before falling to the lapels, but this is another great example of what I might end up with. Gorgeous belt, though I'd have buttons too.

Super cute! Clean and neat; love the felled seams. Double breasted is great too. 

This one is pretty and clean, a great flow to the tailored silhouette.

And back to the 1930s. I want a fuller flare after the hips, but lovely lapel/collar action here. And amazing seam lines!

Well, time to go fabric shopping methinks!

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