Monday, 27 April 2015

Cloth happiness

Just when I thought I was getting a hand on my fabric stash - and giving the flat a much-needed KonMari blitz - this happened. A couple of fabric sourcing trips for clients, and suddenly I have a huge stack of cloth piled up on my desk, threatening to spill over everything else. Oops.

But these were bargains, indeed! First, the Cloth House sale. One of their Berwick street shops closed down due to developers buying the land, and they were selling off their fabrics at dreamy prices. I scored 4m of this gorgeous very 1970s-esque wool and 4m of a darling basket weave printed lilac chiffon for only £20. I have very different plans for them: a slimline winter suit for the wool and a floaty babydoll-and-bloomers set for the chiffon.

(I wish I could have gone back and bought more stuff, for oh! the prices were bargain galore! But I'm sure you'll agree that this is quite enough to be getting on with for a very long while!)

Then, this massive stack of grey and yellow which came from Shepherd's Bush. Well, the yellow was for a client, and was sewn up very imminently. The grey is a range delicious linens, for some Japanese dresses and a summer suit. And stretch velvet, for leggings, to see if I can avoid paying ridiculous prices for them at places like American Apparell. For only a fiver, it's worth a try.

What are your favourite places for fabric bargains?

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