Monday, 13 April 2015

Last-minute space cadette costume

Oh hi!

It's been a while since I've blogged, but I've been doing quite a bit of sewing over the past couple of months. Things like plugging away at a queen-sized patchwork quilt are pretty boring to write about, but I've also sewn some shirts for my boyfriend and the odd thing for me, too.

Last week I offered to help out at a friend's club night by being on the door. It's a gay night in a  basement in Spitalfields, and loads of fun. We played a gig there last time, so it was nice to go back to help out - but this time it was a themed night! The mot du jour was SPACE - but - horror of horrors - I had nothing even remotely galactical in my wardrobe! There was no way that I'd be able to be a door girl all night with no costume. So on Saturday afternoon I cycled off to Goldhawk road, procured myself some silver lamé, and spent the next two hours sewing up a space cadette uniform.

 I'd started drafting a pair of French knickers a few months ago and made up a few toiles, so I had this shape in mind when I was puzzling out what to do for the costume. However, when it came down to it, I discovered that I'd managed to lose a whole pile of patterns, and could only find one of the pieces! More horrors! A bit of head-scratching and lots of measuring later, I managed to come up with the missing back piece, and cut out the shorts.

French seams were compulsory since the fabric frayed like crazy. I did a simple side zip, rolled hems, and a tiny waistband too. The pattern originated as the (free!) French knicker draft on Sew Vera Venus.

There's nothing quite like a deadline to show you what you're really capable of, and I'm really happy with this funny little pair of tap pants. The fabric was a little stiff due to the silver thread, and they'd actually work better in a more drapey fabric. I was also dying to sew up a matching bra and garrison cap, but alas, had no time. I made do with a sash and a star in my hair instead.

It turns out that it's actually really difficult to take photos outdoors when it's really windy and sunny with clouds, so here's just one without sepia effects to show you the colours! As you can see, the shorts look a little funny and stiff when not blown about by wind. For a space-y costume, I think this works, so I'll live with it! 

It's also really good to just bang out a project in an afternoon, and not have it languishing around on the sewing table for months on end. I think I'll re-make this pattern again, but in a drapier fabric and with pockets.

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