Sunday, 19 April 2015

Simple red velvet skirt

Sometimes, what you need is a simple, quick little sew. One that combines instant gratification in the making, with a simplicity that becomes indispensable in your wardrobe. For me, this simple red velvet skirt was such a project.

 I made this skirt out of an off cut of reddish-orange cotton velvet that I found when clearing out the cupboards. It was either a leftover from a work project, or accumulated from someone else's stash (granny? friends? who knows?) which means that, combined with a zip, lining and thread from my stash, this was basically a free skirt! Hoorah!

This project was so easy that it hardly bears writing about. But sometimes, it's those plainer everyday pieces of clothing that get worn the most. Really exciting sews - like difficult vintage dresses, tailoring or clothing in the craziest of fabrics - don't tend to get worn everyday. Simply a gathered rectangle with a waistband and side zip, and a gathered cotton lining within that makes it keep the poofy volume. The waistband could be tighter, but it allows for wearing more layers in the autumn and winter. For this skirt is really one for colder weather. 

For the last two years I've worn hardly any skirts, probably because all my skirts are tight-fitting pencil skirts that are impractical for everyday wear. At least, if you like to eat and cycle as much as I do. I'm hoping that this simple addition might change things. 

Do you have a favourite everyday sew? 

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