Saturday, 23 January 2016

Cabled fingerless gloves

This was a delightfully quick little project that I started just before Christmas and completed on Christmas day whilst watching old films. After finishing the cabled cardigan for F, I had nearly a full ball of yarn left over. Ever keen to use up all my leftovers and diminish my stash (sensing a theme here?), I decided to make F. some fingerless gloves as his Christmas gift. (It's me wearing them in these photos though; he is not a nail polish-wearing man).

I was after a glove with actual fingerless fingers, rather than a fingerless mitten. Turns out that there's significantly less choice, when you want the finger stubs! Of course I could have altered a different pattern, but as I've mentioned before - I'm not the prolific knitter I used to be, and have forgotten many of the tricks I used to have up my sleeves. In any case, I found the perfect pattern for free: the prosaically-named Woven Cable Fingerless Gloves by Harry Wells (Ravelry link). It even comes in 4 sizes!

I really like the simplicity of these gloves, with just enough visual interest. My partner was very happy with them and they've gone straight into regular use. I found the directions slightly confusing to follow, and ended up writing them out myself in a clearer way; but I didn't make any changes to the pattern. The only thing I might do differently would be to add a purl column to either side of the cable section, to make the cables stand out more. But I'm happy with the subtlety here too. I'd really recommend this pattern - in worsted weight yarn, it really is fast! If I hadn't messed up the first glove (by misreading the directions), I would have finished them in two evenings!

Cabled fingerless gloves
Pattern: Woven Cable Fingerless Gloves by Harry Wells (Ravelry pattern link)
Notes: Knit the smallest size. Could add a purl column either side of the cables.
Yarn:  1/2 ball of Rowan Pure Wool Worsted, shade 123, from stash.

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